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The Wright Look - Visualization Sample Create Visualizations for: New Home Construction, Remodeling, Landscaping, Construction Approvals, Bid Presentations, Real Estate Advertising, and more!
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The following prices are guidelines only. Set pricing will be quoted on an individual basis according to each individual project. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Exterior Home Visualization / Realtor Design
New Home
Home Rendering from Elevation Drawing $1% of the cost of the home (for example a $300,000 house will be $300)
Ext. Remodel 1 View of 1 room attached to existing home $100-300
Ext. Remodel 1 View of multiple room additions or complex restoration $300+
Ext. Cosmetic Changes 1 view of existing home with one change: new paint, roof, driveway, shutters, windows, etc. $75-175
Interior Home Visualization
Wall color / wallpaper Change 1 View of a single room with new wall color, carpet or wallpaper choices $75-225
Custom Room Changes 1 View of a room with customer changes $200+
Landscaping Visualization
Landscaping (original) 1 View of complete landscaping on bare lot $200-300
Landscaping (upgrades) 1 View of upgrades to existing landscaped lot $75-150
Visualization Misc.
Imaging Session Sit with customer to view and select alternatives. Setup is the preparation effort (scanning, modeling, etc.) prior to imaging.
$75/hr + Setup
Color Prints - Qty 1 (8.5" x 11") Photo quality print of complete project (1 free print is provided with all of the services above. This is the cost for an additional print) $25
Color Prints - Qty 2+ (8.5" x 11") Additional photo quality prints of complete project (1 free print is provided with all of the services above. This is the cost for additional prints) $20/print
Color Prints (Special Sizes) Photo quality enlargements of complete projects $30+/print
Framing Professional Framing or Mounting quoted per individual project.

AVP - Association of visualization Professionals

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